Four Pillars.
50 States.


Living in Harmony with our Environment Starts Here.

By promoting the practices of the four pillars listed in this agreement, we can protect and sustain our water, air, land, and wildlife for current and future generations for the betterment of the economy. As we grow to become 50 states strong, we are united by these four pillars to ensure outdoor recreation retains a bipartisan approach. The more nurturing we give now, the more we get in return in the future.


The Confluence Accords

We, a growing confluence of states with a shared passion for the outdoors and a commitment to cultivating a strong outdoor recreation economy, believe that outdoor recreation is core to the very character and quality of life we should all enjoy.

The outdoor industry is a powerhouse of meaningful job creation, and a driving force of our Nation's economy. Our industry is an economic multiplier, creating a unique quality of life in rural and urban areas, attracting new businesses and professional talent to our communities.

While each of our states is unique, our shared commitment to facilitating everyone's love of place through inclusion and diverse outdoor experiences has the power to unify communities, to bridge societal divides, and to improve the mental and physical health of all people. 

Common Principles

The outdoors is the wellspring of adventure, camaraderie, and solace, inspiring us to both explore new places and set down roots. Whereas nature is the backbone of the recreation economy, we are committed to fostering conservation and stewardship values, ensuring environmental quality, and restoring sustainable access to the outdoors for current and future generations.

Therefore, the undersigned representatives for the outdoor recreation sector do hereby adopt and commit our states to the following common principles:


  • Work with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to advocate for conservation and stewardship of land, air, water, and wildlife, and for public access to them.

  • Facilitate public-private partnerships to enhance public outdoor recreational access, infrastructure improvements and conservation efforts.

  • Educate and empower the public on the importance and interrelatedness of a healthy environment, outdoor recreation and a vibrant economy.


  • Engage with educators to support environmental and outdoor learning opportunities for early and life-long outdoor activity, career development, and advocacy for outdoor recreation.

  • Promote workforce training programs for technical training, skill mastery, and business opportunities across the spectrum of outdoor industry careers.

  • Promote interest, participation, and diversity in the outdoors for all, supporting opportunities for early and life-long outdoor learning.


  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to establish and improve sustainable outdoor recreation infrastructure and funding.

  • Engage federal, tribal, state, and local governments, as well as local and regional economic development organizations to attract, retain, and expand business and market the outdoor recreation economy.

  • Address barriers to businesses' success in the outdoor recreation economy.


  • Address social determinants of health by increasing outdoor recreation opportunities for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

  • Partner with health & wellness stakeholders to determine shared values and common goals, build relationships, and generate innovative partnerships to fulfill shared visions.

  • Assist in quantifying impacts of access to outdoor recreation and related social determinants on healthcare outcomes and costs.


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